BDP is a multidisciplinary practice, which employs people from different professions. Inspired by the existing wall with employees’ photographs, this design offers a unique opportunity for the people to make their own “self-portraits” by creating a 300x300mm physical object. It can a 3-dimenssional model of their favourite building/place, abstract shape or pattern, light installation, painting or a photograph. The idea is to allow use of any materials and techniques to express/explain one’s passion for architecture, built environment or anything else that inspires them. The uniformity of the dimensions and the supporting frame in this case represents the existance of This company as a bonding element.​


This wall will make BDP staff members feel even more pride in working with creative and talented people, as well as deliver a message to potential clients that they are bringing their business to a passionate collective. 




After the wall is dismantled, an auction could be organised by BDP to raise funds for charities by selling the tiles. The frame could be installed outdoors to be repurposed as a green wall.


2015. London, UK