The Mobile Garden Unit X The design proposal for the mobile garden provides a flexible and adaptable unit, that can be easily modified to match users' needs.

It offers a rigid structural frame with uniformed dimensions, within which the elements can be added or subtracted in order for the unit to perform different tasks.

The design proposal aims to provide an option for the community to bring in a micro-ecosystem to their local empty site. Therefore different configurations(that the unit is not limited to)include a greenhouse, a WC, an exhibition stand, a beehive, a repairs workshop and many more. Moreover the units may also be connected in order to create a larger covered structure which can then house workshops, meetings and other community events.

The Unit X is equipped with a sustainable power source. The installed PV panels and LED lights makes it usable during the day as well as after dark. Solar energy can also be used to power up the users' portable electronic devices, which can in turn be used attract visitors and customers over the internet. The relocation of the unit is made simple due to its 'human' dimensions. The upright orientation allows for the unit to be transported through narrow streets and alleyways, meanwhile a number of units can be joined together to be towed on a road. 

Unit x

2015. London, UK