Link between AVA and Knowledge Dock

The proposal creates a stunning double height atrium, which connects the East and the West courtyards into a series of gallery spaces. At the heart of the proposal, is a transparent lecture, presentation, and exhibition space

that is shared by all of the creative disciplines of the University of East


One of the problems artists, architects, designers, and photographers face is

the lack of exposure and interchange of ideas with other disciplines.

One of the main goals of the proposal is to deliver a spacious, light and

transparent lecture and review space at the nucleus of the intervention. The

central positioning and transparent design is used to maximise the exposure

between the users of the space and passers by.

Currently the AVA is deprived of a multidisciplinary meeting space,

therefore the overall design offers a place where students can share their

work and spend time amongst the works of others in a relaxing, bright and

safe environment. This space encourages the development of a creative

community in the university.

Allowing the users to observe the surrounding gallery spaces from the

outside enriches the quality of mental relaxation in the courtyards.

Furthermore, being physically detached from the gallery enhances the

viewing experience.

The West courtyard is occupied by outdoor café seating, however it can also

be used for exhibitions. The East courtyard is transformed into a vegetationfilled

meeting space and it also provides access to the knowledge dock.

Furthermore, the continuous circulation space not only connects both of

the courtyards, but also provides a convenient 24-hour access via the library

entrance. Wide doors on both sides and hard floor finish of the atrium

accommodate an easy access for a fire engine in case of an emergency.

The ambition behind this design is to create an inspiring, light and grand

space. A lightweight steel and glass structure responds to the playful

character of the adjacent university buildings. The transparent design

provides the galleries with ample amount of natural light and exciting vistas.

Glossy surfaces also reflect activities and works of students using the space.

UEL Atrium

Atrium Gallery East
Atrium Gallery West
Circulation Diagram
Exploded Atrium
2014. London, UK


Jonas Prišmontas, Shinnosuke Hoshikawa,

Zuobin Goh

1st place winning proposal in UEL Architectural student competition